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Humans use touch as the language of compassion; a held hand or a hug often serve as the best way to express profound feelings. Research suggests that the sense of touch plays a fundamental role in human communication and even physical health. Human contact is a wonderful way of reducing stress, the feeling of another human being making non-threatening physical contact is something we take for granted but as we age, and our social circle gets smaller and smaller it becomes less frequent and can result in ‘skin hunger’. What some psychologists term “skin hunger” (also known as touch hunger) is a need for physical human contact. Satisfying your skin hunger requires you to have meaningful physical contact with another person and failing to observe your need for human touch can have profound emotional, even physical, consequences.
By offering beauty treatments we can establish physical touch with our service users and the results of the treatment also help improve self-esteem and confidence.

If you’re interested and want to book in, please call the office from Monday-Thursday from 10am on 01422 251613. Free to referrals from health services or self-referrals only.