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The Arch-Way Project is a charity set up for the purpose of increasing the health and well-being of local communities especially those who have mental health issues. This includes those on the autistic spectrum, disaffected young people, adults with profound mental health issues and the elderly who are at risk from or are living with dementia.  We use music, art and drama as vehicles to engage with these vulnerable people, teach new skills, build confidence and self-esteem and help people manage their mental health more effectively. We concentrate on empowering people who feel disaffected or live on the fringes of society, many of our service users feel marginalised and we work with them building confidence in order that they may feel more able to re-connect with society.
We also provide entertainment for the local communities using local musicians and artists.  The Arch-Way project is a community led organisation, our trustees are made up of members of the local communities and our service users always have a say in what we do.

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The Arch-Way Project is a non-profit organisation and charity set up to assist those with mental health issues and the unemployed through music and art therapy projects.

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The Arch-Way Project is proud to receive the support of one of Calderdale’s finest restaurants.
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Charity number | 1158349